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Welding Engineering and Inspection Services

We also provide Welding Engineering and Inspection Services backed by Professional Engineers who are certified to act as Welding Engineers as defined by CSA W47.1. Furthermore, Makami Engineering Group Ltd. also employs Professional Engineers certified as Welding Engineers in accordance with the International Institute of Welding (IIW). The IIW Welding Engineer provides not only procedures for welding, but also provides design and analysis of welds to ensure they are capable of carrying their intended loads.
Our inspection services include large and small fabrication projects and are performed under the direction of Level III visual inspectors certified in accordance with CSA W178.2.

Welding Process Data Sheets Store

In order to use this service the Client will receive a Client Number by phoning into Makami Engineering Group Ltd., using this number they can enter the STORE section of the website (coming soon) to view and purchase the Welding Process Data Sheets that will be stamped by the CWB and sent to the client. Makami will then invoice the company for the work as per usual.

Not only do we provide our clients with Procedures for Welding, we provide Engineering Weld design expertise to ensure all weldments are fabricated to maintain full structural integrity.

– Brian (Bud) Dzuirban
P.Eng, IIW, Level 3 VT CSA W178.2