Engineering, Assessment, and Inspection Services
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Laser Scanning

Makami Engineering is capable of providing the following services to its clients in a rapid and cost effective way using its laser scanner:

  • Create CAD models of scanned existing structures, equipment, and other features and provide the client with:
    • As-Build Prints
    • Fabrication drawings for construction, complete with Bill of Materials
    • Sealed Engineering drawings
  • FEA Models
  • Inspection/Deviation Analysis – compare a scanned subject to its nominal condition. This can be used in applications such as liner plates, deformation of columns, measuring skew of buckstays, settling of structures over time, and many other possible applications. This can be applied to anything that needs to be measured/quantified.
  • Measuring centerlines of vessels in relationship to relevant building datums.
  • Quality of construction/print conformity.
  • Determine volume of large bodies.